What is the Maximum Size of Coil That Can Be Upended with a Coil Upender?

Easy horizontal to vertical inclination of coils is possible with ASC's two styles of offline coil turners (dump truck). These models are designed to be semi-portable and operate independently with capacities ranging from 10K pounds up to 40K pounds.

What is the Maximum Size of Coil That Can Be Upended with a Coil Upender?

Easy horizontal to vertical inclination of the coils is possible with the help of ASC's two styles of offline coil turners (dump truck). These models are designed to be semi-portable and to operate independently, with capacities ranging from 10,000 pounds to 40,000 pounds. The PALLET PLATFORM LENGTH by WIDTH is 60″ x 60″ and the BASE LENGTH is 48″. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in providing customized solutions according to your requirements in terms of load form, maximum load and handling method.

Industrial turning machines with an inclination of 26% are designed primarily for lifting or turning large and heavy loads, such as mold turners, coil turners, roll turners. The price of Upender varies depending on the load specification in size and maximum load. Provide this information and our team will provide you with the price within half an hour. To be a sturdy and safe heavy-duty equipment, the next main part must be reinforced with structural mechanics.

For different applications, the Upender %26 tilting unit has a different structure depending on the operating loads. There is a flat work table for the mold, a V-size table for the object of the coil, a fork-type table for connecting the coil wagon, a crane. It can be connected to a coil wagon, a crane, a C-hook, a fork lifter. Some factories, making the foundation well is not allowed, there is a customized solution for loading and unloading products on the floor using a manual lifter.

The maximum load is the key to determining the capacity of the Upender, it also determines all the parts of the machine from design to manufacturing. Load capacity is the key point of the machine in relation to its structure, design and price. The load of the Upender %26 swingarm can be 50 T, 80 T, 100 T. For more load capacity, do not hesitate to contact our team for the specified solution.

The image shows an upper part with 5000 m high, 5000 mm wide and 4500 mm long.Both drive systems and structures are available in mechanical or hydraulic form. In addition to body rotation, Fhope offers basic versions with 360 degree rotation to reduce operating space and crane movement direction. The base of the tilter can rotate 360 degrees to change loading direction at same time as turning procession. It can be used to simplify safely emptying metal coils as well as safely rotating paper rolls, plastic films, die-cutting presses, tray products, cylinders or windmill turbines for complete vertical and horizontal switching.The objective is to meet engineering billing requirements of different product specifications and carry out transport process in safe, stable and efficient manner.

The application covers metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal, molding, papermaking, refrigeration, steel strips, coils, cylindrical materials etc. To achieve objective of operation converting products from horizontal to vertical or vice versa it is important to choose appropriate solution. Machine must be designed according to shape of load and application. Work table can be equipped with conveyor to facilitate loading and unloading or connected to production and warehouse conveyor.Mold and die are basic application of Upender.

This is 90-degree mold-release version with flat tables. Part of die or mold has irregular shape so it is necessary to customize work table to fix mold when rotating. Special loading and unloading position or form of handling may be required.Our engineer will provide custom design. When repairing large and medium-sized molds Upender machine can rotate molds from 0 to 90 degrees.

There are two types of ways to hold tumbler body to machine for safe operation: gearbox with crooked teeth; swivel platform can be stopped and maintained at any angle with or without power supply.ASC manufactures two different types of coil turners for handling wide range of coils from large-caliber steel for framing elements to light-gauge aluminum beverage cans. Upender machine is special equipment for production automotive industry used to dismantle stacks thin plates on large scale. Time-tested designs and industrial construction are just two reasons why there are currently hundreds ASC coil lifters in operation around world. Durability, ease operation and maintenance as well as variety safety features have made this coil head industry quality standard.

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