What is a Coil Handler and How Does it Work?

Learn about what a coil handler does and how it works! Find out how it can help you safely move heavy loads without risking injury or damage.

What is a Coil Handler and How Does it Work?

An air controller is a fan-coil unit that provides heating, ventilation, cooling and air filtration for your home or office. Air controllers are typically found in larger systems, but are actually part of many smaller HVAC units.

Coil turners

, sometimes called coil tilters or coil positioners, are designed to bring coils from their palletized position to the vertical position. Turners are the safest and most efficient way for the coil to move from horizontal to vertical, where it is ready for use.A good coil turner simplifies the dangerous process of tilting the coil manually or with overhead cranes.

Our vertical vertical and descending line can help you securely place any large load and is used for a number of applications, from tilted rolls of paper, plastic films, rotating press molds and dies, or any heavy and uncomfortable load. The coil is a type of conductive cable, like copper, in a cylindrical shape. It is wrapped around an iron core that creates an inductor or electromagnet that stores magnetic energy.Companies that focus on coil processing solutions serve diverse metallurgical industries around the world, as they are aware that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. In process applications, energy transfer efficiency is the most important performance factor for coils.

While the outdoor unit alone is commonly referred to as an air conditioner, an air coil or controller inside the house is what actually removes heat and moisture from the air. The coils are used in applications where there is already a fan in the existing system.This is the case with almost every system that contains an oven for heating purposes. An air controller includes a fan in addition to a coil and is used when there is no oven or other fan present. Air coils and controllers come in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit any application.

The evaporator coil is the component of the air conditioning system that absorbs heat from the air inside the house. It's usually connected to the boiler or located inside your air controller. It works with a condenser coil to complete the heat exchange process that produces cold air.The evaporator coil is located inside and is installed with the boiler or as part of its air controller. Inside the coil, the refrigerant evaporates as it absorbs heat from the indoor air that passes above it.

Basically, the coil serves as a “heat exchanger”, which works with the heating system in winter and with the cooling system in summer. Central air conditioning, forced-air furnaces, and heat pumps use air controllers where a single air controller is usually responsible for both heating and cooling. When operating as an air conditioner, air circulation through the unit's cold coils by the air controller lowers the temperature and reduces the humidity inside the building.Coil straighteners are manufactured to remove the set of coils and the bow, as well as to place the material in the accumulation circuit of the feeder. The cold coolant in the outdoor unit evaporates inside the coil and absorbs heat from the air that passes through the coil.

The air that passes through the coil from the fan fan will move over the coil, where the refrigerant in the evaporator will absorb the heat.Helical shuttles are mounted on rails to precisely position the coil in the press or unloading system or directly on another crane. Coil holders are generally used in conjunction with coil straighteners to reduce energy and maintenance requirements. All Green Valley Manufacturing coil handling equipment is custom designed and manufactured to your specifications to ensure you have the perfect coil manipulator for your application.Helical shuttles are the perfect way to move steel coils safely between adjacent crane compartments without the need for uncomfortable forks or truck boxes. Coil handlers provide an efficient way to move heavy loads from one place to another without risking injury or damage.

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